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Our objective as a marketing and advertising company in Utah is to put your company and brand in a position to constantly convert new clients. Whether its an aggressive web presence or soft marketing approach, we can deliver solutions for any budget, requirements, and scale. Our combination is unique . Start standing taller than the rest of the crowd.

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Be Responsive.

The digital world is at light speed. We all want to connect with more clients, more often, with more results with our advertising and marketing efforts in Salt Lake City, UT. Our mission is to create responsive techniques in all facets of your brand. Whether it is a business card, website, custom app, promotional signage, or just a new sales method, we want the best for you and your brand.

Why manage three different assets? Our CMS and database structure allows you to build one site that can be manipulated into a responsive mobile website, and interactive app, and a highly convertible website. Call us to see how we can take your old website and turn it into a responsive conversion machine.

Responsive Brands

Build Assets

Web & Other Stuff

"You" Friendly

Divide, Expand & Conquer. You need more of what makes you the most money. We will build that responsive brand.
Why throw money at something and hope it sticks? We build you the assets that pay divendends in your future to come.
Your business does not live or die on the web. It succeeds in the hearts and minds of your clients. We help you get there.
Whether it’s our state of the art CMS, CodeBurst, or a weekly meeting. Our products and services put you first.

Something about us

Our team is full of top tiered programmers, designers, and thinkers from all around world. Our strategy allows us to find the best talent suited for your needs. This is the new style agency. Lightweight, fast, and competitive. This model allows us to be extremely flexible and creative, while keeping a one minded mission as the priority. All of our associates pledge to same motto:

Go The Extra Mile. Create Fast Friends, and The Client Is The Priority.

The guys you know and love...

We Are Your Brand Partners, Advocates, Fans, Customers, Marketers, Advertisers, and so much more.

No canned sandwiches here.

There isn't a price list for our services.

At this point, some of you may be asking how this could be possible. Let me explain.

All the big agencies know that there isn't one set of rules that works for every brand out there. In most cases, the best branding and marketing campaigns come from a new train of thought or creative breakthrough. All this combines to create unique ideas that separate you from the crowd of competition you are trying to defeat. We start with a free consultation, create a customized plan of attack, budget it, and implement it. I implore you to try something new..

Of course not, we take each one of our potential projects in a case by case scenario.
We do projects from $250- $50,000. You can count on us to be fair, trustworthy, and transparent. 

We know everybody has certain needs. Our first meetings and primary consultations are always free. We want to get to know you and your company and put together a custom approach that is designed around assets and conversion. Most of clients spend between $2500 and $25,000 per month. While this may sound high to some, these companies have become some of the most successful in their respective business categories in Salt Lake City, UT.

Gephardt Approved, Markosian Auto, Gutter Helmet Of Utah, Mawhinney Law, Mark H. Bott Monument, SolarTek Solutions, and Intermountain Harley Davidson, are a few clients that we are currently working with now. Most, if not all, of these companies have become more successful every year while taking market share and growing awareness in their target.

Note: We ask that you not contact any of the listed companies prior to contacting us out of respect for their time and schedule. We all have businesses to run.

Not going to lie, custom does sound expensive. However, sometimes custom means to simplify and keep costs down. We design your needs around your clients needs. It always works.

We are a new style of company. Hybrid. This allows to focus on your needs, desires, and success. Our passion is to put the assets and advertising together to cause amazing growth and great clients.

This means you're not thrown in the agency box or the marketing box and get the same thing that your competition is getting.

We find you the new and best ways to connect to more clients more often. Excited yet?

BrandBurst is a hybrid marketing, advertising, branding and content production company based in Salt Lake City, UT. We specialize in helping our clients make their advertising more effective and efficient by leveraging the internet, technique, and 20 years of experience.

You should expect a very strong pace and furvor placed on your project. We will brainstorm, plan, and implement a customized strategy for your company that not only divides you from the rest of the competition, it will help you conquer it.

We specialize in branding, web development, content, and TV. These are the number one platforms for you success. We use a mixture of TV, web, branding, and supporting content to help spread your message across targeted channels to get closer to the best kind of clients.

Well, we have helped numerous marketing and advertising clients in Salt Lake City, UT. Check out the rest of the site to see some our latest campaign work.

The main difference in our approach is two fold. The first is that we take the time to plan an appropriate schedule and budget that will optimize your spend and time involved in it. The second is exclusivity. We decided long ago that in order to help our clients compete at the highest level possible, we could not represent any other competitor. We try to only keep 25-30 clients at a time. This keeps us highly focused and dedicated to our clients success.



Wow, what's in a name...? I think Billy Shakespeare wrote something about this. However, I will no wax poetic and bore you to tears of the importance of having a great name. Ill just put simply. Everything. Everything is in a name. It's credibility, comfort, desire, need, demand, eagerness, excitement, and desperation. 

Brand Burst Blog

BrandBurst of Salt Lake City, UT launches new website and a new hybrid culture.
Posted 17 June 2013 by Tad Timothy | Cami (Business Development)

In the last 10 years, marketing and advertising has taken some major shifts of thought. The introduction of the Google phenomenon and an explosion of mobile devices in everyone's hand are at the top of the list. These huge explosions have allowed new companies to emerge based on the new needs of the client.

The challenges of this brave new world have been accepted by the digital universe.

Some have succeeded, many others have not.

In a moment of clarity, our team has discovered what it means to help our clients truly achieve in this new "tradigital" landscape.

It's Hybrid.

We understand that you have to have the system and the flexibility to meet the needs of every individual client. Our mission is to not only create a custom successful campaign, but to create a custom successful client experience.

This is the first blog of many that will adopt this new culture of hybrid. To know more about how we can help you dominate you market with our unique combination of advertising, culture, brand, sales, web work, collateral, and consultation go to our website and feel free to look around, download, call, email, or whatever you please.

Have a great day,

Tad Timothy, HeadBurster.

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